Stanford A Cricket Club was established in the Mid 90s. We are an avid group of cricketers who enjoy a hard game of cricket and also enjoy relaxing moments at the beer pub after the games. We play our home games at the picturesque Kirigin Cellars Winery Cricket Grounds.

Stanford "A" Cricket Club is a motley and lately portly collection of aspiring intellectuals who like to do mild physical activities in between deep conversations. Physical activities include bowling a gentle over or taking a leisurely single or accompanying the ball to the boundary saying "aap pahle." Conversations are so deep that this readership may drown in the intellectual stew, so be forewarned. In fact, NCCA umpires have trouble with the soul-searching intensity of our appeals, which are thankfully infrequent given the sharifs that we are. Given our fair attitude, it should come as a surprise to the bourgeois thinkers that we have won the NCCA league thrice in the last ten years. And we promise you more surprises in years to come.

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